Body Repair Question

I hit a deer. i need to know what the name of the part is that my headlights plug into. i need new headlights, and whatever the thing is that holds the headlights, help?
thanks, hope to hear from someone.
its a volvo 1994 940 without fog lights.

Headlight assembly

Check for these parts if you intend to fix this yourself. Also, if you need a new bumper cover, a pick-n-pull junkyard could come in handy. I’m not sure what you mean by the part that the headlights plug into other than possibly the wiring harness. The headlights and, often, the grille, attach to a piece called the header panel. I recently had to fix all this damage on a Grand Cherokee and got the headlights and header panel from Amazon vendors for a very reasonable cost with free shipping on everything. Free shipping is a big deal when you are ordering large, cumbersome parts that normally cost a fortune to ship.

Check craigslist for people parting out similar cars.

The part that illuminates is the headlamp assembly. The part that the bulb plugs into is the headlamp bulb socket

Unless Alayna is talking about the flat metal piece that runs the entire width of the car. I forget what the term is for that, but it’s major body work (normally) to replace them, requiring both front fender, grill, bumper, radiator, etc to all come off. Most are also spot welded in place, so it won’t be something most people can do at home, either.

I wonder whether we can’t get some photos.

Or better yet, remove everything that’s broken & take it to a local salvage yard.

I think he mite be talking about the core support.