2005 Chevrolet Malibu radiator fan

My radiator fan won’t turn on causing my car to overheat, but when my fans are on it don’t overheat. The radiator hose are collapsed aswell.

So which is it? Your fan doesn’t come on? Or he fans DO come on?

The fan system isn’t that complicated, a sensor detects temperature of the coolant, the car’s computer reads it and turns on the fan through a relay. If the fan motor is broken, you’ll read 13.5 or so volts at the fan connector and the fan won’t run. If the relay is bad, no voltage at the fan connector, check at the relay or swap out an identical one from the fuse box just to check. If swapping relay’s doesn’t bring the fan on, it is likely the temperature sensor.

Replace the collapsed hose.

Yea I worded that weird the fans won’t turn on automatically when the car is hot but I turned them on manually and it won’t overheat.

Make sure the radiator is full and the overflow tank filled about midway between Hot and Cold. If coolant is low, the temp sensor may not be in liquid. Also the temp sensor may be bad - probably can be tested with an ohmmeter.

Try a new coolant reservoir pressure cap.