Cooling system

I own a 1991 camaro w/305 tbi.

I replaced the cooling fan motor,sensor on the intake,and the relay switch. But the problem is the fan still wont turn on not even when the a/c is turned on as it should automaticly. Sometimes it will randomly just turn on i just can figure it out. any ideas? Thanks

Most fans a motor resistor block mounted on them, which can sometimes be replaced seperately from the motor itself. Someone needs to see if voltage is getting to the motor. You also could have a bad spot on the motor aramature. You might try, CAREFULLY, to knudge the fan blade with a stick or something other than your finger, and see if it will start spinning with some help.

pj do you mean the heater/cabin fan? I believe the OP is talking about the radiator fan(s).

It is the cooling fan on the radiator i replaced it because it was a little squeaky thinking maybe it was weak. But that made no difference. So i replaced the relay and then the sensor on the intake and still nothing.

I did mean the radiator cooling fan assembly. I don’t know about a Camaro, but some fans have a two wire resistor about 3inches long that is fastened on the fan housing. It usually has little cooling fins molded on it. Just follow the wire connector from the radiator fan and see where it goes. Yours may not have one.

You need to get a wiring schematic for this car and do a voltage test on all componets to see were the power stops at. Once you know this then it’s a simple as figuring what relay or wire is bad.

I was looking for the resistor set-up but did not find that on the car. I guess I will have to start looking for any voltage in the wires.
Any more ideas let me know.

Maybe it doesn’t come on unless it is needed. You didn’t say if you were having problems with the AC. If there isn’t a problem, then maybe there isn’t a problem with the system. Maybe it just seems random.