Elec fan motor

2003 Jeep grand fan wont come on. I jumped the fan and it works. cant find the relay.

can someone tell me where it is and how to get to it.Somebody told me its behind the headlight still cant find it.

Why do you want the radiator fan to come on? Is the engine overheating (boiling over)? If not, or nearly, it doesn’t need to come on.

I agree with Hellokit. What exactly is the problem? I had a car that the first time the radiator fan came on was about three years after I bought it and then I was driving it through the desert.

the fan wont automatically come on till the temp reaches the 230 degrees F range(approx.) if you want to see if it works turn on your ac it should come on anytime ac is on

The needle will go into the red and the car starts to overheat and the fan still wont turn on.Original problem was the fan wouldnt shut of kept running until it killed the battery.After replacing the battery it wont come on at all.

tried that,car will run until it overheats fan wont come on.

Since you won’t do any checking with an electrical multimeter, change the part which immediately controls the radiator fan ----- the fan relay. If that doesn’t do it (turn on the radiator fan), go to the part which sends the temperature signal to turn the fan on — the radiator switch, or engine coolant temperature sensor.
Investigate the other reasons why an engine should make so much heat, or not get rid of the heat effectively. Is the radiator full? Is the thermostat opening? If you have problems with these questions, take it to a radiator shop, or a general repair shop.

if the car is overheating there are two basic reasons.

water isn’t getting cooled (bad radiator or fan), or water isn’t circulating (bad thermostat or water pump.)

although you seem to have narrowed it down to the bad radiator fan. BUT you need to eliminate the other possibilities too.

a bad thermostat can make the temp climb, and will keep the fan on (which may have killed the thermostat sensor for the fan switch).

when you drive the car at highway speeds the normal air flow over the radiator is enough to cool the radiator sufficiently. if the temp is NOT being cooled while at highway speeds then you have other cooling issues.

Thanks for your help. I will replace thermostat and see if that helps. Do you know were the thermostat sensor is. Is it the sensor right above the housing were the thermostat goes.

please i beg of you!!! stop the madness…my head hurts…thanx…