2005 Chevrolet Equinox - A/C Problem

Act blowing hot air ac clutch kick on but nothing

Could be somthing as simple as low freon or whatever they use nowaday’s or other problem’s need to have a A C shop check it out A C is not a diy job.

Could be your air door is malfunctioning. Go to a specialty A/C shop and they will diagnose your problem quickly!

if you are can find you a/c accumulator, with the a/c on and running (clutch engaged as you say,) touch the a/c accumulator. If it is cold, and air coming out of your vents is how- then you most likely have a blend door issue.
If the accumulator is not cold, then you likely have a low refrigerant issue.

a blend door issue is pretty common on a Chevy of that vintage. They use plastic gears that strip or break after a number of years, and then won’t function properly.