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Ac comes on while running heater

2007 equinox has heat until I turn the fan on and it seems at that point the ac is automatically coming on thus blowing cold air across the heater core

Did you just acquire this vehicle ? Because that is normal operation anymore . It helps keep your windows from fogging up . As long as you have heat coming from the vents there is not a problem.

no I’ve had it since 2009 it is so cold its like air conditioning and both heater hoses are hot?

Unless you know how to find the mechanisms in the dash that direct air flow you will have to put it in a shop . And don’t say anything about the air conditioner , just say that you do not have heat from the vents like you should. This is a problem that can be fixed just lots of labor.

Ty for the input

so I can move the air flow from defrost to the vents to the floor…would your assessment remain the same?

There are two door controls. The diverter door determines where the air comes out, the other is the blend door that determines the temperature by mixing the hot and cold air.

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Ty that is very helpful information…been driving me crazy

Enter the following string of search terms into google or similar search engine:

2006 chevy equinox blend door actuator location

Should be similar to your model year and you’ll find a bunch of youtube videos showing location of the actuator and how to test/replace it.

You should be able to see the actuator control rod working when you select hot to cold air. Often, the plastic gears get stripped and the door inside doesn’t move. It is a bit unusual that you have heat until turning on the fan. It could be a number of things but checking the actuator is not hard and a good first step. Good luck

The AC will come in if you are in defrost mode, or the combined heat/defrost mode. It does not if you are in other modes. That’s how the HVAC works in my Honda and Chrysler, anyway. It does sound like a door problem in the HVAC box under the dashboard.

ya I understand it coming on with the defrost…however it is the same with any other heat function …through the vents and the floor