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AC in Jeep Cherokee

I have a 99 Grand Cherokee. It has climate control heat and air. I have it set on 56 degrees but it is blowing hot air. What is my problem.

The problem might be that the AC system is low on refrigerant and the compressor isn’t operating. To check for this, open the hood, start the engine, set the climate control for AC, and see if the compressor clutch is engaged. If the clutch isn’t engaged it might be because of low refrigerant in the system.

If the compressor clutch is engaged, then the problem might be with the blend door control in vent system.


It blows hot air, as in heated, or hot as in un-cooled outside air? If it it actually blowing heated air, then your blend door is not working. There is a little motorized door that diverts air to the heat exchanger. This motor is run by vacuum pressure, or might be electrical. Does the engine run rough and is the check engine light on?

The refrigerant is not the problem. The engine runs fine and the check engine light is not on. My son, the mechanic in the family agrees that it is probably a thermostat or the blend door. The air blows cool on the passenger side and he put it on recirculate to check the heat thing. He says it is heated air. He hasn’t had time to completely check it out. But he thinks he can fix it easy enough.

I’m told that the hot on one side and cold on the other issue is not an easy or cheap fix. I had a 2000 JGC, and sold it before I had to fix that particular problem.