2005 Cavalier....constant problems

My car has had some really wierd problems in the past year. Recently, all of a sudden I started my car and it is makeing the pitched clicing sound that comes from the direction of the dash board… It turns on with no problem, none of the “dummy” lights are lighting up more than they ar3e suppose to, my car goes and stops with no problem, heat works , so does the radio. But as I drove it around for a while this smell started emenating as well. Do I need to change my oil? Do I have an ignition problem or is somthing else…?

If you have never changed the oil, yes, change it now. I don’t see an ignition problem, unless you want one?
Let’s see. There is a noise from the dash, and a smell from somewhere. Take it to a mechanic to smell and hear it. These things are almost impossible to do over the Internet…sounds and smells just don’t travel well.

As for your problems I agree with hellokit, you need someone to smell and hear them.

I would like to comment on “Do I need to change my oil?” That would be difficult for us to tell. You don’t change oil because of a problem, you change oil to prevent problems. A list of maintenance items are listed in your owner’s manual. You should do all of the items listed at the times recommended for your type of driving. You car will be more reliable and have fewer problems if you do so. Putting them off can be very expensive. If you have been putting them off, then that could be the reason. Also make sure you learn how and actually do check oil, brake transmission and wiper fluid levels and tyre pressure regularly.

Yes I do know how to read my owners manual and yes I do know how to check my oil and all of my others fluids… I came here to get a second opinion before I took it in; you know as in should I do it myself or someone else… I recently checked my oil and it was fine. Right color, rigth clearity and no extra crap in the mix.

Can you give a better description of the “pitched clic(k)ing sound”? Does it correspond with the use of any accessory or is it there whenever the car is running? Likewise, can you give a better description of the smell (e.g. burning, sweet, etc.)?

The clicking sounds is kinda of like that of your blinker but a couple octaves lower and at a faster rate. It only makes the clicking sound when I turn the car on completely. Its hard to tell but I think it speeds up as the car goes faster. The smell only occurs after long periods of time and its kind of sweet smelling and muggy-ish; its the only way I know how to describe it.

any filmy residue on the inside of the windshield?

the noise. go outside the car. can you hear it outside the car?

open the hood. hear the noise? any more location?

A sweet smell is usually a coolant leak. It could be the heater core (not likely in such a new car) or a small drip under the hood, with the fumes being sucked in through the ventilation system.

The clicking might be the purge solenoid, which is part of the evaporative emissions system. Do you try to squeeze every last ounce into the gas tank?

No I don’t…