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05 Camry transmission pan removal

A corner of the pan is under the frame and very close…even a 1/4" drive ratchet and 10 mm socket won’t fit. A ratcheting box end won’t either because of the bent over lip ___l (it would be at a slight angle) I unbolted the 2 nearest motor mounts and jacked the engine up a bit , but not much. Should I unbolt all of the motor mounts ? Do they make a tool like a very shallow socket coming out of a box end (maybe racheting ) How about tack weld a 10mm socket into a slightly bigger (12 or 13mm) box end. I was talking with the Toyota service mngr and he said that they don’t change the trans filter…just drain and fill…so I’m tempted to do the same, but it’s our newest car ( and I like to do my best)…Mike

Have you tried a 1/4" drive wobble socket?

I know what you are talking about. I did mine. Used a 1/4" U joint for two of them, there is one that I could only get a box wrench on, small one. I did not loosen the mounts, but jacked the transmission/diff up a bit. I could not torque these (obviously) and just tightened them with feel and so far it has been fine. I know what Toyota says, but I still drain and refill every 15K miles and I only dropped the pan at 60K miles. Make sure you use the Type IV ATF from Toyota. My pan wasn’t that clean, so I am happy I did it.

I have a 2005 camry and had that problem. I changed the pan gasket and filter 3X so far (126K miles on it). I had to buy an offset wrench (10mm I think) and it is fine. you don’t have to do anything but take the bolts out. It takes time for 2 or 3 of them on that left side but it comes off. I went to sears I think to get the wrench.

yeah, I talked to toyota as I bought a PUR-1293 filter kit. The gasket fit but not the filter. The PUR-1303 fit both (although the gasket in the 1293 is better (rubber and lasts longer). I asked toyota parts dept and they don’t even have it in stock nor do they every change it on cars that they service. I didn’t like that so I do my own. Pain in the butt

I bought the filter/gasket from Autozone/of all places. Rubber gasket and perfect fit. I think $14.