2005 Camry LE w/2AZ-FE I4 engine

Hate to ask this question because it makes me look dumb!! But, does my automatic transmission have a filter that I need to change or not? Someone told me it only has a strainer and not a filter. Any help is appreciated… Thanks, John

Your transmission does have a strainer. Toyota recommends only changing the fluid. They don’t recommend dropping the pan and servicing the strainer.

The Fram web site says you take a FT1181 AT filter, so it is a real filter.

See it here:

We also have a 4 cyl 2005 Camry with AT. It uses synthetic ATF and around the top of the ATF dipstick is a sticker that says the ATF never needs to be changed under normal conditions. There’s not a drain plug for the ATF either… at least, not one that I’ve been able to find. I’ve read the owners manual from cover to cover, and there’s not a single word in it about ever changing the ATF.

Well I have changed the ATF in my 2005 LE I4 last month. Mine is the 5 speed automatic. The drain plug is a size 10 Alen/hex.

Just because it is listed as a filter doesn’t mean the filter material is nothing more than a bug screen. A lot of transmission ‘filters’ are like this.

Man, I am really mixed up now. My transmission definitely has a drain plug…Thanks for the replys. John

A lot of A/T transmissions don’t have drain plugs. The fluid is removed my dropping the oil pan carefully. Ask any transmission guy.

Yes, Toyota does put that wording on the automatic transmission dip stick; but, Toyota only warranties its cars for 100,000 miles, don’t they? I doubt that Toyota tests their vehicles beyond 100,000 miles. Why should they, since they are only required to warranty for 100,000 miles? So, after 100,000 miles, you’re on your own.

On the 100KM recommendation, I should add that I have had the car from 30KM to 50KM and done only hwy driving, granted in CA traffic, but still not severe enough. On the 48KM check the fluid was almost brownish. I was going to change it anyways, but now I will have to do more frequent changes.

I have a 2005 camry LE and took the pan off and changed the filter. It has a synthetic/cloth filter. It’s not a screen. Also, I got a kit at pep boys and when I went to install it, the gasket fit but the filter was off (the holes were wrong). Turns out there are like 2 or 3 transmissions for that camry and I had to buy the 2006 kit which had the right filter and used the gasket from the 2005 kit (don’t ask me the pep boy numbers on the box - they were purolator filters). So, I might get one from toyota next time but if it’s cheaper to get two kits at pepboys vs. one at toyota, I’ll do that. Also, get yourself an offset wrench (10MM I think) as you will need it for 2-3 bolts on the left side (as your on your back with legs out the front near the radiator). Good luck. It was fun to do. I change my fluid every 8-10K with castrol import trans fluid now. I changed the filter at 65K I think and it has 96K on it now. When it warms up next spring, I’ll change the filter again. It wasn’t dirty from what i saw.

Thank you very much oilman. Finally found someone who actually did the job! My Toyota has been very reliable with 83K on it right now–have not had a single thing go wrong with it yet. Have a good day and thanks again. John