2005 Buick LaCrosse - Stalling

Car stalls when driving. Starts right back up. Does not matter if going 20 mph or 70 on the highway. Can be scary at faster speeds.

Has yet to have thrown an engine code in 10 months of this issue… which sure would make life easier.

We have replaced:

2005 BUICK
The car will stall no matter the speed and will start right back up after putting it into neutral.

We have replaced over the past eight months:
Air filter
Mass Air Flow Sensor
Three ignition coils
Two oxygen sensors
Crank shaft position sensor
Ignition module (under coils)
ECM and had dealer Flash it to the VIN
Mass air pressure senosr
PCV Valve
EGR Valve and EGR Valve Gasket

Fuse 15 (read it online) was fine and tested fuel pump and it tested in working order as well, testing at 55 PSI

(Two dealerships could not find an issue either - throwing no codes) so paid our money and left with no fix.

Any other insight would be great as we are very frustrated.


Also, too, we have replaced the ignition switch recently as well, with the stalling continuing. Forgot to add that one to the long list of replacement parts.

Thank you.