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Diagnosing a stalling problem?

Hi everyone!

I own an 87 Buick Lesabre Limited Coupe ( http://www…ck-lesabre ). I have driven it for the past 6 years with no major problems, but just now it has begun to have a stalling problem. The engine just shuts off at random times. Doesn’t matter if you’re at a red light or driving in traffic. She will stall, then after 5 minutes will start up again, and stall again. So, I took to it to my mechanic & he changed the ignition module & mass air sensor. I picked it up, and the ‘Service Engine Soon’ light went on, and then she stalled a few minutes later. So, I drove her back to the shop (stalling several times on the way), and my mechanic changed the crank position sensor, and she still died. He read the trouble code 42, so he changed the ignition module again. I picked her up yesterday, and she made it home without stalling, but the ‘Service Engine Soon’ light still goes on after 5 minutes of idling, which leads me to believe that the problem lies somewhere else. Could it be an electrical problem (wiring, fuses, computer) that is causing the ‘service engine soon’ light to go on & the car to shut off? What else could it be? Any insight you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks!

I am not going to discriminate and conclude “dee dee” is a woman who is car illiterate (WOW that was an assumption and a stereotype all mixed in). To the point, I think it is important for you to do the least bit of research and post back what type of fuel injection used on your (and how is idle controlled?) car and what does GM call the type of ignition system your car uses. You have to know what you are working on to correctly apply advice. Good advice with be directed at the exact system type your car uses,so/so advice will simply be generic. Give the system identifications a try (and I don’t mean by making another thread asking ‘what type fuel injection and ignition system does my car use’)Maybe the info is in the link you provided,can you pull it out? I don’t click on links from forums (OK in the extreme I do, espically one’s I provide to see if they work)

You need a new mechanic - one that will diagnose stuff instead of just changing parts. I mean, maybe the ignition module made sense to start with (but the MAF?) just as an educated guess, but to then put a second one on when the problem remains? This person is guessing and it is your time & money that is being spent.

Here is a useful link:

My own guess is that your problem is probably a wiring issue rather than a “part” problem.