Car stalls out at about 20 mph

I have recently noticed that my car will stall out when I get up to about 20 mph. My car starts fine, no check engine light on. I has a tendency to just die in the middle of the road at times too. I have changed the spark plugs, spark plug wires, and a new fuel filter. Do I need to change the mass air flow sensor? Or the crank position sensor?

I have no problems starting the car either. Runs good when it runs.

I forgot to mention that it is a 1994 Buick LaSabre.

Have your mechanic check to see if the Catalytic Converter is clogged.

Does the buick make any noises or jerking before it dies?

Does it start right back up after it stalls and if it does, does it idle ok?

I can envision what you mean by it stalls at 20 mph, but what do you mean by it dies in the middle of the road? Are you going 20 mph then too? Or idling at a stop light?

Check and clean the throttle body and the idle air controller motor (IAC). At over 20 years old, if it’s never been done, it probably needs to be.

IF it only stalls after the engine is fully warmed up, I’ll go with the crankshaft position sensor.

Will it rev up normally if it’s in neutral?

Hi Nate,

My car, a 95 Buick Lesabre, was having the same problems when stalling. When I took it to a mechanic they replaced the sensor array which was located in the wheel hub. They had to replace the entire hub however and not just the sensors. The problem stopped. But after the long winter it seems to have started again. Also during and after the hard winter here in Boston it has problems starting up after cold nights. I have to hold the throttle for about 7 minutes before I can get it to idle. I believe these are two different problems as you had demonstrated in your situation.

“sensor array which was located in the wheel hub”

What the heck does the wheel speed sensor have to do with stalling out . . . ?!

Sounds like somebody was in over his head, and was grasping at straws