2012 Buick LaCrosse - Check engine light wasn't kidding

My engine light came on last month but I didn’t notice anything until Christmas Eve I was coming home when my car warmed up then it stalled out.
I tried starting it up but there was nothing.
A few hours later it cooled down and started right up.

Again, once the engine heats up it will stall and not start up until cools down. I repeated this process 5 times in all with same results.

I took it to All State where they put a meter, It gave me a code (PO496) Canister Purge Valve.
A friend who works on cars told me this has nothing to do with my car stalling. Help Please

Have you checked the coolant and oil levels ?

What are your other gauges reading?
Is the car overheating?
As noted—have you checked oil and coolant levels?

Your post indicates you do not do your own maintenance or repairs. So the only help I can provide is take it to an independent (not a chain) for diagnosis, expect to pay a diagnostic fee.


Possible symptoms of a P0496

Some may experience a hard start / crank condition. In some cases the engine may run rich which may not detected, but can cause damage long-term (think: catalytic converter damage).

Read more at: P0496 EVAP Flow During A Non-Purge Condition
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So take it to a shop that will find and fix the cause of the code… which could be these things below on your Buick…

Faulty purge or vent solenoid/valve
Plugged EVAP canister Failed EVAP / fuel pressure sensor
Poor electrical connection
Faulty canister purge valve
Blocked vapor canister
Faulty vent solenoid

Runs good cold. Stalls when warm. Probably not oil issue. Unless oil pressure light is on.

The crankshaft position sensor may be effected by heat and failing.


No sounds of the engine turning over (cranking)?

No instrument panel lights coming on when you turned the key?

If the first: check and tighten the connections at the battery.

If the second: look into a problem with the ignition switch, or the key. Do you have a different key you could try?

If both: go back to battery connections and/or the battery itself.

Please explain precisely what “nothing” means.