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2005 AMC kia RIO parts dilemma

I’m trying to buy parts for a West coast Rio and find the 1.6 motor could be any number of possibilities, Kia- Hyundia- or Global motors. I ran the vin with my local Kia dealer and all I got back was an apologetic dumb look . They called Kia who says they will call a wise person on a mountain in Korea … and I can’t replace a leaky valve cover gasket! It turns out that Y M M also includes where made, and some other piece of the puzzle to get parts.
Any one else experience this ??

What year is your Kia and what does AMC have to do with it?

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Go to RockAuto.


The quickest way might be just to remove the existing gasket(s) and take them to the Kia dealer and say you want a set just like those.

I wouldn’t be surprised if all the local parts stores have Felpro valve cover gaskets for OP’s car in stock, or they can probably order them for a “free pick up in store” if they pay for the parts ahead of time

AutoZone - 12 bucks.

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Sorry , I forget people can’t hear the voices in my head!
I am asking if anyone else has experienced a problem getting parts for a Kia.
There is no known (to me / a dealer/ Kia or parts counter person) valve cover gasket available for this car.
The dealer/ parts counter has a nice picture of the part I need, but when ordered it is the wrong part.
Thank you for your replies, I hope this explains better

Option 1- take valve cover to a NAPA store and see if they can match a gasket.

Option 2- get a large enough sheet of gasket material and an Exacto knife and make your own.

Option 3- use a tube of oil resistant form-a-gasket.

Option 4- See someone about the voices in your head ")

While I am here , what does the AMC in the heading of your post refer to?

If you post a picture of your engine and valve cover someone might be able to identify your engine.

What am I missing? The gasket is shown to be available at AutoZone, O’Reillys, Napa,and eBay just to name a few.

Fel-Pro VS50671R

They also show only one engine option.

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Thank you for asking that question.
I have been wondering about the same thing.

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O for God’s sake don’t anyone remember the American Motor Co?
The Definitive word from a Kia Dealer (not the voices) is this: Parts are NOT available for Kia and the dealership is NOT supported by Kia North America…
further, one person said they would not buy Kia because of this. This is what I was asking the Board. Kia parts depend on Y M M AND where made. Kia said we could send a picture to Korea … but they could not identify the engine nor were they interested.

Yes, I remember American Motors but the question was what does it have to do with your Kia ?

American Motors ceased operations in 1988.
Kia-branded vehicles were not sold in The US until 1994.
What connection could the OP possibly find between those two companies?


They have the right part, you have the wrong car.

Have you shown the valve cover, engine or car to anyone so they could help to identify the problem?

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Can you post a few pics of the top of the engine?

I don’t understand how a Kia franchised dealer has no support from Kia North America. Are you saying that anyone who enters the lot and purchases a Kia is then told by the selling dealer to flake off?

How in the world would a Kia dealer be able to handle warranty issues if they have no corporate backing?

Something sounds kind of funky.

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I remember when Hudson and Nash became AMC, I just could not figure out what you thought they had to do with KIA. I still don’t know.