2016 Kia Rio - Honest repair shop for Kias

I need an honest repair shop for Kias in the Boston area.

Try Jim Boudreau’s Automotive Service Center in Tewksbury Mass. if you are North of Boston. Great Google reviews. I’ve used him myself, but not for a Kia.

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When someone asks for an Honest repair shop of any kind I will say I don’t know . Because even if the one I suggest does the work at a fair price that person will find something to complain about .


I’d pull up Google maps and Yelp and search in the area of interest, read the reviews, and pick one. Unless there’s something big wrong, any good independent shop should be able to handle your Kia.

When someone asks me I will tell them who I use and they can check it out for they own self to see if it works for them.


that’s just because you complain about everything :rofl: :rofl:


The best way to find a good repair shop imo is to ask your friends, relatives, co-workers etc who they use for their car. Interview of few of those shops, choose one that has Kia experience, tell the shop owner which of their customers offered you a recommendation, that’s about the best you can do. Don’t rely on anonymous internet recommendations for this sort of thing. You need a personal recommendation from someone you know.


Do you think John Goreham is a phantom?

There are several on this message board concerned about being “anonymous”. You can introduce yourself in a private message.

Contact the shop the Jon Goreham has recommended first and ask any and all the questions you need to. The shop we’ve used for almost 30yrs now was picked out of the yellow pages and gave us a favorable quote over the phone and we’ve trusted them with several cars since then, may not be the cheapest in town but if you’re looking for service and honesty they’ve been more than worth what they charge.