Motor Mounts Quality Question

Hi, i mentioned last time to my shop that i like to have them replace my motormounts and mentioned that i already have them but that there are 3. party parts.

The guy said that these are not as good as the original ones and wear out quickly.

Now i am confused.

These are mounts that get sold at autozone and it says that these are to OM specifications.

Are 3. party mounts or parts in generell not as good or was the mechanic just bluffing and wanted me to get the original parts?

Its for a Nissan Altima 2001.

Thanks for educating me, because i am really puzzled. :slight_smile:

Motor mounts an a car this new ought to be in good condition to begin with, so why do you want to replace them. How long to intend to keep this car before you sell it to the junk yard?
I’d say since if they originals have indeed failed, what good is it to pay more for more 10 year mounts, when you can go with the third party ones which you have alread paid for? Am I missing something here again guys, or am I in the ball park this time?

now you make me worrying.

Well, i hope to keep the car for a while. Not perhaps 10 years, but 3 or so.
I got told from a friend (who is also a mechanic) to replace these in case. Originally the big motor mount on the upper level (left side) was broken. so i got that replaced (did it myself). Now i have the other ones which is the front lower and the back lower.
Can’t do that myself, since you need a powerdrill (or presuredrill) to unscrew the screws.
Also, i am not sure how the previous owner drove the car. So there is some uncertainty in it.

Ok then, dont worry about this too much. Put the extras in the trunk, dont drag race or try to throw it in gear at high RPMs, and wait to replace them when they do break, which most likely, will be one at a time, not both at once. 3 years is not that long. Did you ever figure out why the top one broke in the first place?

Dang Iggy you got more 4 star responses than I have given out to anyone in the last six months, I wish we could see who gives stars.

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I’ve never used anything but aftermarket, or 3rd party parts as you call it, and have never had a problem with any of them.

Apparently your mechanic is not aware that the original factory OEM mounts are quite likely 3rd party ones too; just like a vast number of other parts on every car made.
Car makers sub out about half of their cars and often the company producing the original to the car parts are also producing the same ones being sold through AutoZone or any other parts house.