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2004 XC70 BiXenon headlights

I replaced the bulb in my XC70 last year on the right side and had trouble. Now the left is out and I can’t even get a hand in where I need to. Does anyone know a trick to get this done. The Air filter and number hoses and wires are in the way. There is less than an inch between the buld out cover and the Air filter housing. I have to be missing something here…what’s the simple fix.

The only thing you’re missing is that on many modern cars one has to remove other parts simply to change a lightbulb. My daughter’s Civics required the power steering reservoir to be removed from its bracket and set aside to change the driver’s side bulb.

Your owners’ manual or a Haynes repair manual should show you exactly what you have to do.

Probably need to take out the air filter box. Usually just a couple bolts and a hose clamp.