2004 Volkswagen Jetta - driver’s side door lights don’t shut off

the driver door doesnt turn off after i turn off the car. the driver side door is on… how do i figure this out?

Does anyone know what this person is asking ?

What exactly doesn’t turn off? Does the electric lock mechanism keep triggering? Does the window motor keep cranking? Is there a courtesy light on the door that doesn’t shut off? Any of those is probably an electrical problem. If you give us more details maybe someone can help.

If you’re talking about the power windows, some cars give you 30 seconds or so to roll up the window after turning the car off, but before opening the door.

If you’re talking about the power locks, they always have power.

No I’m talking about the little lights that turn on like when you turn on the lights switch and the lights inside the panels light up for you to see the buttons in the night that what I mean in my vw the little red lights in the car stay on it has nothing to do with the windows going up or down it’s the lights that stay on the driver’s door…