2004 Toyota Matrix passenger side front rides lower

problem with front of car lower on passenger’s side of vehicle. Cannot determine what is causing problem.

Obviously you need a better mechanic.

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Obviously some sort of suspension problem.

A mechanic ought to be able to figure this out.

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I suspect a broken spring. Most likely the very last coil on the bottom of the front strut.


Concur w/Mustangman above. The suspension springs are what connect the body to the wheels, so they determine how high the body is off the ground. Either a spring is defective (broken), or what it mounts to (could be either end) has failed. The spring is part of the part called the “strut”. It can be very difficult to tell the spring is broken without first removing the strut and inspecting it on the bench. When the strut is removed, the connections at each end are easy to check, so removing the strut is a two-fer.

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