02 ford taurus lowering kit

anyone know how to lower the front of an 02 taurus? the tire gap in the back is significantly lower than that in the front… so i have decided i want to lower the front of my car. how do i go about this? how much? do i have to bring it to a mechanic?

Have you considered the possibility that the rear springs and struts need to be replaced?
If that is the case, lowering the front will be merely a visual modification that doesn’t address the actual problem.
I strongly suggest a visit to a competent mechanic before you decide what to do.


If you’re asking that question, the answer would be yes.



lmao. i replaced the rear struts already and it didnt resolve my issue. i have already had mechanics look at it and they havent said anything abt the struts or anything.

The rear wheel openings are smaller than the front. Do you really have an issue?


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yeah i dint like how it isnt level so i m trying to correct that

New struts in the back won’t fix sagging springs in the back. Did you put on new springs?

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Just put smaller wheels and tires on the front and tell people it runs in the Gasser bracket at the local Drag Strip.


That is because you need new rear springs.


i put the complete strut assembly in the back, springs and the strut

I’ve followed the whole thread

What I’m hearing is this . . .

From a mechanical standpoint, there is nothing wrong with the suspension

The ride height is correct

op simply doesn’t like the car’s stance

And here’s an opinion . . . if you lower the front end, you will not like the car’s ride quality

I might ask another question . . .

Do you spend more time driving the car or LOOKING at it?

If you spend more time driving the car, then don’t worry about the fact that the car’s stance isn’t appealing to you

If you do decide the car’s stance IS really important, do what you must . . . but I think you’ll be disappointed in the car’s altered ride quality

It’s a 2002 Taurus

Nobody’s going to be terribly impressed with any alterations you do

That’s just how I see it


Not only not impressed but wonder why the money was wasted.


I believe OP is a young poster that likes the fast and furious look but cant afford it yet. hence the lowering and cherry bomb muffler.

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lol, u guys got me down to a tee. but i mean, i drive my car everyday… would the ride quality really decrease that much? it is just a preference that i wabt it lower in the front or higher in the back! i will probably just let it be i was just looking to see if it was a practical/good idea

another question not related to this topic but anyways, today when i started my car the abs and emergency brake light were on, i pumped on the brakes and they worked fine, i drove around a littke thinking whatever. so i turned my car off and then on at a red light and the lights went away. anyone know why it does this?

check your brake fluid level it might be a little low. otherwise…
Ford Taurus Brake Warning Light: Why is it on? | Drivetrain Resource (700r4transmissionhq.com)
Ford Taurus: ABS Light Meaning & Diagnosis | Drivetrain Resource (700r4transmissionhq.com)


Additionally, the OP has to consider that low brake fluid is the result of two possible causes:
A leak in the brake hydraulic system
Worn brake pads

While the first possibility is less likely than the second one, I suggest that, after he replenishes the brake fluid with the correct-spec fluid, he have a mechanic check the thickness of his brake pads and also check for fluid leaks.

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From here on and moving past the Cherry Bomb and ride height questions, I would suggest concentrating on the things that really matter.

Oil changes, transmission services, brake fluid and cooling system services, etc. Main thing is to keep it going from A to B reliably.

I will say that the Sable I had was a good car but it was serviced regularly. The only issue was a trans replacement when the original suffered a sudden forward clutch drum failure at 130k miles. Car bought used at 75k miles and all checked out during a 4 hour pre-purchase inspection. Stuff happens.

Other than that, the car survived me for 410k miles and when I got rid of it the car amazingly still ran well and carried 160 PSI of compression on all 6 cylinders.

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wow!!! thats a lot of miles lmao. my car has 50k but it is 19 yrs old. and i do the regular maintenance, check all fluids and all that. how long could this car last assuming i take care of it? (and considering age)

2 more days or when ever it just dies of an incurable vehicle virus ( Rust ) . Who knows how long it will last . Why not start saving money so that someday you can purchase the vehicle that really meets your desire list.

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