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2006 toyota matrix straing tire wear

Hey everybody my girlfriend got a 06 Toyota Matrix and on the rear tire they are wearing on the outside I’ve had people try to tell me it was the struts and everything in between how do I know for sure she is about to take a trip to Louisiana this weekend I need to know if I need to replace the struts or what’s the problem I mean I need some help

First, it is very hard to understand you when you don’t use punctuation nor capitals at the beginning of sentences.

Second, take the car in for an alignment. Anything else is a guess. That will expose anything from a bent control arm or strut to the alignment tech. If I remember correctly, these cars should wear the INside of the rear tires more than outers. That may mean something is bent.

From what I understand, Matrix cars have tire wear issues even when properly aligned and the tires should be rotated regularly - like every oil change - to even out the wear.

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Your post is to hard to read. But I gather you don’t trust the vehicle. So why not let her use yours or rent a vehicle . See how sentence structure and punctuation makes it easier to read.

Have you tried asking her?

In all seriousness, this car is screaming out for an alignment by a competent shop–preferably not a chain-run shop.

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If these tires were on the car when she got it, there is no guarantee that they were on the rear when they developed the abnormal wear problem.

You need this car examined by a competent that does alignments, but don’t just tell them you want an alignment.

Tell them what you told us and ask them to find out what is wrong, and if she has not had this car a long time that you don’t know it’s history.