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2004 Toyota Corolla: idling question and fan question

  1. My Corolla (an automatic) has been idling at 2500-2700 RPM lately when I first start it up. As soon as I shift into drive, it goes back down to about 700RPM. I realize that it might idle a little higher in park, and also because of the recent cold weather, but this seems TOO high. Any suggestions?

    2) When I have the fan on (heat OR a/c), I occasionally hear something that sounds like water being sucked through a straw coming from somewhere behind the dash. Happens when the car is in motion OR just sitting still. Any ideas as to what that might be?

    Thanks for your help!
  1. Normal for these 1.8L engines, I have the same engine in my Matrix which idles high too when cold.

Although mine rises to 2100 rpm during the initial start. Won’t do any tranny harm as it doesn’t ‘bang’ into gear.

  1. The sloshing noise may be due to plugged water drains, air in the cooling system (from the heater) or from left over A/C water which can’t drain.

air bypass or idle control valve play a role in starting and rpm. These can be checked and not too expensive to repair. Could also have a split or loose hose somewhere (any hissing sound?) The other is due to low coolant, have it checked. Air may be in the system and you may also have an air door for blend which is in need of attention, these are also vacuum or air control…these could be related.