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Toyotal Corolla Idles at a high RPM and sticks there

My 1994 Toyota Corolla idles at around 1500 and 2000 RPM just about anytime I drive it.

It is worst when I first start the car, and it gets better the longer I drive, however, it is still well above a normal idling range!!

I add oil regularly and do check the levels on most of my fluids on a weekly basis!

Any ideas?


I congratulate you on doing regular fluid checks, but that diligence can’t prevent problems like this from taking place as your car ages.

My best guess would be a defective temperature sensor that is not detecting engine warm-up.
If the temperature sensor proves to be okay, then perhaps the Idle Air Control motor (IAC) is to blame. A decent mechanic should be able to figure this out without too much trouble.

Another possibility is the throttle body needs cleaning.

It could be due to a vacuum leak.

A Corolla this age used a cable from the gas petal to the throttle body. The cable could need lubrication, and the linkage at the base of the throttle body could need cleaning and some lubrication also. Start with these simple things and if there is still a problem then get into more troubleshooting.