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2004 Corolla High Idle when cold

Have a 04 Corolla with 109k miles that has high idle speed (~2.0k+ RPM) when vehicle is just started cold & temperature is below freezing. It never has done this in previous cold weather.

Otherwise car runs great. Any suggestions ?

That does seem slightly high, but may be within normal range. You could have the throttle position sensor tested and the Idle Air Control valve cleaned. Maybe that would help.

It would be nice to know what Toyota considers a normal range for cold-start idle. I don’t have those specifications.

I agree with McP . . . but suggest that if it bothers you . . . when you get the car running, turn on the rear defroster, the headlights, the heater fan and the a/c, that’s what I did once when I had a tough time finding a vacuum leak on my Honda, and the idle (about 2000) at start-up . . . bothered me as being too high. The vacuum lines on the older Honda engine were quite extensive. This should knock the idle down to 1300-1500 until the engine warms up, which it will faster due to the increased load of the a/c compressor. Look at the TPS and the ICV as McP suggests, my solution is temporary at best. Rocketman

BTW . . . the cold start speed on the '89 Honda/carb’d is about 1200-1500 now, which drops down to about 750 when warm. My wife has a '95 civic with fuel injection which start off cold at about 1100, drops to about 700 when warm. 2000 is not bad, but annoying. Anyone else care to chime in on the start-up rpm of their car? Rocketman

My '97 Accord will cold idle around 1500-1750 rpm if the temperature is low enough, but I can’t recall seeing 2,000. Warm idle speed is 700 +/- 50 rpm.

uglyduck -
I’m curious to know what you found out about your high idle issue. I have a 2003 Corolla that just began to idle high with the colder weather - freezing or below like yours. It just idled high on cold days, then it began to have a high, pulsating idle a minute or so after I started the car cold and let it idle. The pulsating idle continues for quite a while before coming back down to an idle that I’m used to in warmer weather. Someone mentioned to me that my fuel control is out of whack when its cold, which is controlled by the car’s computer. I’d like to know what became of your problem.