2003 toyota corolla idle speed

would anyone with a 2003 toyota corolla share their cars idle speed (rpms) at start up… would like to compare to my car which idles at 2000 rpms at startup… thanks thanks in advance.

Trying over here eh? Duuuude, it’s normal.

thanks for the response. its good to hear that its normal. … just curious to see what others say anyway.

I don’t have a corolla, but I’ve owned a lot of 4 bangers and I watched a bunch of people say it was normal in the other post, but I wasn’t buying it. 2K is high, though I just figured maybe its something I don’t know about Toyotas or something. Finally just adding my $.02 I guess. I think the idle is too high. Have you idle air control valve tested and maybe cleaned (though dirtiness is not the most likely culprit).

did you see the video of the 2003 pontica vibe a guy owns on youtube… heres the link… he said it was a problem… probably the way it idles at 2000 here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ev8ZUbN5f8s

How long does it stay at 2000 RPM? Does it only do this when cold? If it quickly starts to slow down towards normal idle when cold then it is normal. Does it surge like the youtube video? That isn’t normal Most cars idle fast when cold. 2000 RPM isn’t that unusual if it doesn’t stay there for long.

hi, thanks for your response… when start this car even in 60 degree weather it revs to 2000 rpms… then starts moving down after like 2 minutes… it will eventually in about 5 minutes move below 1k rpm. to .750rpms… it does not surge.

60 degrees is still “cold” to the engine. My 2000 Camry does essentially the same thing and it is a V6. Sounds like normal operation…don’t worry about it.