2004 Saturn Vue dashboard


Hi. I need to replace the radio/CD player in my 2004 Saturn Vue. I can get a used one at a reasonable cost, but I’d need to install it myself. Has anyone out there removed the dashboard from a Vue? How hard is it to put it back in place?



For about $30 you can order an installation kit from www.crutchfield.com. It will include instructions, brackets to mount the radio, and a wiring harness that plugs right into the factory harness. You should be able to verify with Crutchfield custormer service that the radio fits the Vue.

Ed B.


Thanks. The used one is the same model, so I wouldn’t need the mounting kit. I’m just wondering if there’s a trick to getting the dashboard panel off. Actually, getting it off is easy - it’s getting it back on without the use of duct tape that concerns me. :wink:


… but thanks for the Crutchfield link. For $4.99 I got installation instructions for my car. Should be a breeze!