CD player installation


I have a 1993 Chevorlet Cavalier and have recently bought a CD player. But I do not know how to install CD player myself. Any tips?


You likely need a fit kit to get into the dash properly. Call and order a fit kit for your car and they have detailed instructions on what to do and how to connect the wiring harness adapter.


Thanks for your input, Andrew.


got a bestbuy nearby?

they usually have the retro fit kits and the reverse harness’ that you need.

then it is a matter of getting the old radio out. i am not sure of your car model.

some use clips to “unsnap” the radio out of the dash. others use a four pronged lever which goes into two holes on each side of the radio face to both unsnap and pull out the radio, and others you have to pry off the plastic cover around the radio to get two screws to loosen and slide the radio out. maybe other reader are familiar with your car and can give you the info.