Saturn VUE repair manual

I have a 2003 Saturn VUE 4-cylinder, AWD which needs swaybar bushing replaced. I want to do this myself but cannot find a service manual. Any help appreciated.

Try a Helms Service manual. It’s expensive, but you recoup your investment quickly.

This is what is available for a 2003 Saturn Vue. Check the back of your Owner’s Manual for an order form.

Ed B.

Exactly right. If being helpless when it comes to repairing your car is NOT your thing, get the factory manual

It pays for itself the first time you use it.

Nobody needs a manual for that. You probably have to pry the old one apart or cut it off. Looking at the new part should help.

You may want to make a bushing puller/ pusher tool, yourself. Get a bolt and nut to fit it, and some large washers. If the bushing is pressed into the end of the sway bar, put a large washer on the bolt (“tool”); then, a socket a bit smaller than the bushing; stick the bolt, with socket and washer, through the bushing hole; on the other side, put a socket larger than the outside of the bushing; put large washer and nut on the end of the bolt. Turn the nut to drive the bushing out. // To push the new bushing in, put a large washer on the bolt, put the bolt through the bushing and the hole in the sway bar end, put on a large washer, and turn the nut to drive the bushing in.