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Gear shift/clutch problem

I have a Saturn sl. and for about a week I have been having problems getting into 2cnd gear, now I can barely get into it at all, and it getting difficult to get into 3rd, just last night, I can no longer get into reverse. the car runs fine as long as I don’t need to go backwards or skip 2cnd gear. the shifter is hard to use. the clutch actually feels fine. I’m gonna try and fix it myself but want to make sure I’m fixing what needs to be fixed. thank you

Perhaps, but it isn’t releasing the clutch plate sufficiently to disengage the flywheel from the tranny shaft.

No disrespect intended, but the nature of your questions suggests that maybe this job would best be handled by a reputable shop. It’s a good DIY job, but not for a novice without some mechanical aptitude, tools, and a good manual.

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Kellie, what is the model-year of your Saturn SL?

I’m guessing your problem is a faulty clutch master cylinder. Try pumping on the clutch pedal two or three times and see if you can then shift much more easily from neutral into reverse. If so, that’s consistent with the clutch master cylinder being the problem. Heating and/or cooling that part (as a test) can also provide a clue that’s the problem.

If it’s not that, let us know. Another common cause for this kind of problem is a problematic linkage from the gear shift lever to the transmission, sometime caused by worn engine and transmission mounts.