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2004 saab9 3 warning battery not charging is 0n

2004 saab warning light won’t go off
I replaced the battery and the alternator but the car won’t hold a charge can anyone help me out with a solution.

Get one of these. This charging system monitor will tell you exactly what is wrong.

car wont hold a charge? battery is not being charged so it is weak and not able to crank motor? what is voltage when motor is running?

First thing I would do is to remove the battery terminals from the battery posts and clean them with a tool that is made for this purpose. They are available at any auto p[arts store.

second thing would be…with a new battery and alternator…Would be to check the voltage at the lug on the back of the alternator. It should read 13.5 to 14.5 volts…
The wire on that lug will carry the charge from the alternator to the battery. Then test that wire where it connects to the positive battery terminal. If you have good readings at the alternator lug but not at the battery, then the fusible link is burnt out. THis usually happens when someone does not remove the negative battery cable while changing at alternator…or somehow shorting it out doing other repairs.