2003 Saab 9-5 - battery not charging

2003 Saab 95 - Battery not charging. Diagnosis is bad instrument cluster. Any thoughts?

A bad instrument cluster will not cause a battery to not charge, a low or dead battery can cause the instrument cluster to act up. How old is the battery? Has someone checked the battery and alternator? Some auto parts stores will check the charging system for free or your local independent mechanic will be a good place to visit


Thanks. Battery was charging fine, have not tested it. Bringing it to an exclusive Saab mechanic (found @ cartalk.com) for 2nd opinion.

The instrument panel bus isn’t sending excitation voltage to the alternator.


I assume there is a warning light in the dash for the battery charge. A lot of designs depend on that light to be able to operate because current passes through it to the exciter inside the alternator. Make sure the light turns on when you turn the ignition ON and the warnings lights turn on also. If that light doesn’t turn on then find out why it is not working. It may be due to just a bad socket connection or the lamp is burned out.

BY the time a mechanic spends time checking this thing out and charge you for the time, you might as well just purchase a new battery. How old is it?

An 03 Saab doesn’t have an alternator circuit like that. These is no bulb behind the cluster.

I believe this is what my mechanic saw