2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GT 3.8 V6

it is 369 $

Any chance of taking the bad piece with you to a boneyard and match it up with a salvaged part?

This Past Summer I Replaced The Multifunction Switch On A 2001 Impala With One I Removed And Purchased At A Salvage Yard for $30.

I don’t want to say it was a cake walk, but close. It was nowhere near the project that most service manuals say it is. I did not have to remove the steering wheel, airbag, etcetera. A couple pieces of trim surrounding the switch had to come off. The only tricky part was removing a couple of Torx screws that hold the switch in place and I think that’s why manuals say to remove the steering wheel. I found I could use a Torx bit and turn it from the side, effectively making a 90 degree Torx driver.

My defective switch had a headlight dimmer problem and caused the headlights to malfunction, a common problem with these, especially at high mileage. Mine had over 200,000 miles when it failed.

Therefore, I shopped for one from a lower miles vehicle. My dimmer stopped going tink-tink when pulling the dimmer and one higher miles one at the yard did the same thing, so I made sure that the one I wanted still performed that operation properly.

Also, check for YouTube video of multifunction switch replacement for your make, model, and year.

I hope this helps somehow.


Let’s back up a little bit. Is the problem that the horn would blow unintentionally? Did the horn sometimes not work when you wanted it to?

When you said the light would come on in your first post, did you mean the Airbag Warning Light on the dash or the outside parking lights?

I should also warn you. When installing the multifunction switch, you MUST hold the horn button down. Failing to do this will cause the button to scrape across the ring behind the steering wheel damaging it. And you’ll have to replace that too.

I use a piece of tape to hold the button down while installing the switch.