GM headlight switch problems

I have a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix. At night, the panel lights (speedometer, tachometer, etc.) occasionally go off and I can’t get them back on - just have to wait it out. Also, the lights on the electronic trip meter occasionally flicker when the panle lights are on, and the HUD gets dimmer and dimmer and then seems to reset itself. Lastly, the door alarm occasionally comes on after I pull the key even though the headlights are off AND the headlights don’t always flash on and off when I use the remote opener. My wife took it to the dealer and they charged $80 to put it on the computer and they couldn’t find anything wrong, even though I sent the list of symptoms (which were noted on the bill that my wife paid.)

We are now using this car mostly for long trips and we certainly need panel lights. Any ideas?

Well the shop made an easy 80 dollars there. This kind of trouble will not show up on any computer report and any good tech would know that. As a general rule though I guess it is a good idea to just check the ECU for any codes but a problem with the dash lights isn’t gonna fly.

I would check for a intermittent power connection to the dimmer control. There may also be a grounding problem somewhere since you say pulling out the key can trip the alarm system at times. Using a screwdriver handle to tap on suspected trouble areas may help you find the trouble.

Do you think “put it on the computer” means they used their Tech2 to look at the BCM and preform the diagnostics that the Tech2 can on the BCM? If yes then that was a good step.Scanning for 'check engine" codes now that would be uncalled for.