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2001 Nissan Sentra oil dipstick broke off

I have a 2001 Nissan Sentra gxe the oil dipstick broke off and been googled how to get it out am female lol so it need to be easy and to understand i can’t
go out and buy tools plus i on fix income

Instructions for females to remove broken dipstick: Throw him out the front door.

The tube that the dipstick is in can be removed. Many times there is a bracket holding the tube in place. Unmount the bracket(s) and remove the tube to get dipstick out. But if the dipstick is close to the top of the tube, you may be able to reach it with needle nose pliers. There are a variety of needle nose pliers types you may find at a hardware store.

You don’t understand, they apparently won’t sell tools to females.

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what a dumb comment

I don’t agree with that comment

If you’re trying to be funny, you failed miserably, in my opinion

If you’re trying to gain points by “saying the right thing” . . . you’re spreading it on a bit thick

you trying to prove something?

But the rest of your comments are fine

Which comment are you referring to . . . ?

The one that @tcmichnorth made?

the one that @oldtimer_11 made?


It would be nice to know how far down the tube, the end of the dip stick broke off at. If the end of the stick can be seen you may be able to use some needle nose pliers and grab the end of it. If you can’t get at it from the end of the tube a shop may be able to remove the dip stick tube from the engine to get at the broke stick for a reasonable repair cost.


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Needle nose pliers might be too thick to fit in the tube, hemostats may be small enough

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@Tester, that is a great link you posted there. I love it. That guy has it figured out.


I commend @Trula for knowing that one should check the oil level in an engine. Since this is a problem that doesn’t require diagnosis, maybe a good shop might do it for a reasonable cost.

I don’t see a problem with oldtimer’s comment

It seems he merely made an observation, based on op’s comments

He didn’t make any disparaging comments against women

oldtimer didn’t say a store was correct in not selling tools to women

Perhaps you and I read the same comment and arrived at completely different conclusions . . .

I have always drilled a small hole in the plastic, then screwed in a drywall screw to extract the broken dipstick, it only takes a few minutes. Removing a pressed in dipstick tube on an old engine can be quite a project.

She was the on that posted that we have to understand she was female so it has to be easy and she can’t go out and buy tools and is on a fix income. Well if the dipstick is bolted on, you need a wrench to take it off and buying a wrench is a lot cheaper than taking it to a shop. The OP is the one who said that being female she can’t buy tools.

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In my opinion that is not what was written. The lack of punctuation does make it hard to read but the way I intepreted it was; I am on a fixed income so I cannot afford to buy tools. She jested about making it easy because she is female- see the lol in that comment? People should be given benefit of doubt rather than jumping down their throat immediately…

That might not be what she meant, but I can only see what she wrote. I also was not trying to jump down anyone’s throat. If I was it would be completely unambiguous. Her post just struck me as humorous. The idea that a parts store would not sell tools to a woman.

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Lack of punctuation can lead to misunderstandings.
Let’s eat grandma. Or. Let’s eat, grandma.
As well as not saying what you actually Mean to say.
Now can we quit picking nits?

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Here’s what she wrote:

and to understand i can’t go out and buy tools plus i on fix income

See, it says I can’t go out and buy tools. Not that they won’t sell tools to women as you somehow came to that conclusion. Maybe she’s housebound or any number of possibilities that make more sense than people won’t sell tools to women.

Frankly, these are the kind of posters I prefer to help. They’ve come here asking nicely for help and get ridiculed so they never come back. Most people aren’t as thick skinned as the crusty group of regulars on here…

So . . .

You’re the one who can correctly interpret what op was saying . . . ?!

And you must educate others how to interpret what she said . . . ?!


Sorry when I go back and read that unpunctuated post, it seems to me, that it says she is female lol so understand that it has to be easy and she can’t go out and by tools.

She follows that with a plus(indicating an afterthought) separating it from the earlier part.

When I read that, what seems like it should be the third sentence starts with “am female” and what follows relates to that.

When you make an unpunctuated post you are stuck with comments based on the readers best efforts to interpret it.

No matter how many times I re-read the post, I am left believing the thought she was trying to express was " I am female, so any fix has to be easy and I can’t go out and buy parts." Even if you don;t think the "I can’t go out and buy parts "\ part doesn’t relate to the “am female” part, clearly the “any fix has to be easy” part does and is just as sexist. That is why I don’t think she meant one and not the other.