Broken dip stick

the handle on my dipstick has broken off recently. It appears that the tube the dipstick is in chokes down so the dipstick won’t suck down, but I don’t want to be driving it around in case it does.

Any suggestions about how to get the dipstick out?

Can you see what’s holding the dipstick tube in place? Undo that bolt and pull the whole tube out. Get the dipstick out of the tube then reinstall the tube and buy a new dipstick.

The rest of the dipstick won’t go anywhere.

Can you see the top of it at all? If you can just get into the tube with a pair of needlenose pliers - or anything else that is long, skinny and grippy.

If that doesn’t work, as Goldwing mentioned, its generally not too hard to just pull the whole tube and then reinstall it.

nope there is no room to get any kind of gripping tool around the remaining plastic. It was the plastic handle that broke, not the actual metal dipstick. the plastic is fitted into the hole.

I couldn’t find the bolt holding the tube in. Any suggestions?

You may have to remove stuff to find the bolt. What year/model/engine vehicle?

The remaining plastic is perfect. Just drill a small hole in it - screw in just about anything and pull it out. Then get a new dipstick.

Now that I understand the situation better, I’d skip taking out the tube. Go with the drill and screw method or I’d try superglue or Gorilla glue. Glue something to the dipstick, careful not to get glue on the tube wall, let it dry, and pull out the broken dipstick. Would this work?