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2004 Nissan Murano - slip light on

Slip light on and VDC light on plus having problems with starting the car

That says you have a problem with the stability control system. A computer check can tell why that is.

Not likely related unless the check engine light is also on. So is it on? And how long has it been on? How many miles on this car?

… and if the CEL is lit-up, that is a likely cause for the other lights to be lit-up.
Unless the engine is operating at its optimum, stability control will be disabled, along with cruise control.

Is the CEL lit-up?

On prior-gen Nissan Pathfinder , every time you disconnect the battery, VDC light will be on, until you drive half a mile or so, as it needs to recalibrate. this is not a bug, this is a feature :slight_smile:

Is your battery in good state? Not causing ECM/BCM to think battery was off?