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I have a 2005 Honda CRV. The VSL comes on apprx. 10 minutes after I first start driving. Does this sound like a Code problem.

I tried looking this light up and was unable to find out what it is. Have you looked in your Owners’ Manual?

Vehicle Stability Light

Thanks. Have you looked in the owner’s manual? Often they’ll have a protocol for resetting these things.

There is nothing about resetting it in the manual, just see your dealer, which may actually be a good idea with this. Wait just a minute here, Why the he!! am I reading the manual I don’t even own one of these. Hey lwg1226 you need to be reading the manual ! !

I did. Sometimes the light is just a code problem.

I didn’t see anything about a code problem. What is “just a code problem”? If a code has been set it needs to be read and diagnosed otherwise the light will continue to come on. I really don’t know if any independent shops will be able to do stability control codes, maybe the dealer is the better option with these type of problems.

The light actually says VSA. I will check with dealer. I just had the car in for another matter and suddenly this light appears.