2004 Mercury Mountaineer stalling

Twice I have lost all power (stalled) while going 40 mph. Once descending a hill, once going up a hill. After reading many discussions about the resolution for this problem, it seems there isn’t one. Many people have replaced every possible part and nothing seems to help. I did replace the Throttle Position Sensor and thought it was fixed but it did it again. All spark plugs are fine, no engine codes. I’m afraid to drive the car now as I am in Nashville with lots of hills. Any advise greatly appreciated!

One thing that can cause this is a defecrive crankshaft position sensor.

This sensor informs the computer whether or not the engine is rotating. If this sensor fails to send a signal the computer, the computer no longer see’s a reason to operate the fuel and ignition systems and the engine shuts off.

If this sensor has a sudden fialure it might not turn the Check Engine light on. That’s because it’s one of the primary inputs into the computer.

This sensor is also suspect because it’s made of cheap plastic. http://www.rockauto.com/catalog/moreinfo.php?pk=940989&cc=1428241