2004 Mercedes-Benz S-Class - Dim headlights

My 2004 S430 suffers from really dim headlights (not the brights, they are really good). They are so dim they honestly keep me in the dark.

I know I need to fix them but cannot find out any info on doing that.

Is this a mechanic or dealer only type of thing and what would this cost me?

So, what looks wrong? Cloudy?

The outside casing looks crazed, not really cloudy. I can’t tell about the low beam projectors themselves they kind of look cloudy but I’m not sure they were ever meant to be completely clear

Lens is supposed to be clear. Is the exterior housing plastic? I assume the backside is.im talking about the front facing “housing”.

It’s clear plastic

So, it’s like new? As in see thru clear? You can include pics ya know.

There is no way to give you a cost because we don’t know where you are or what facility you might use to solve this. Is this a new problem or did you just aquire this vehicle. Many detail shops can polish the lenses to like new and make the dim lights work better.

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Take pictures and post them. The lenses might need to be polished. You can do it yourself, or find a car detailer to do it for you. Maybe we can confirm with your photos.

It’s probably going to be cloudy lenses or dulled reflectors. The former is fixable sort of but may need a redo again at some point.
The latter is not; at least not without a lot of head banging.

Just look through the lenses and see if the reflective surface is tarnished.