2004 Mazda Mazda3- brake pads changed design?

Needed to replace rear brake pads on car and the design has changed. No spring on side, springs are on flat side of pad. Are these safe to use? Will they stay in place? Thanks in advance for any advice.

Were they sold for use in your Mazda 3? If so, they will work.

Check videos. If I understand you, the springs are on the inside pad, correct? Appears these ride in a grove on the piston.

These were sold for use on Mazda 3, but when I removed the old pads the design was different. Just not sure how these would stay in place without the side spring. Yes, springs are on the inside pad- haven’t found the right video yet, but will keep on looking. Thank you.

My son had a Mazda3 with brake problems. The dealer replaced the pads under warranty. It appears the original spec was bad news as many owners had problems!

How about some pictures of the old and the new pads?

Many auto manufacturers used that design, with the spring that goes inside the piston

But not all of them changed the design, thus making me think maybe there’s nothing wrong with the original design. One of my daily drivers uses this design, and it’s never been a problem.

Did you buy aftermarket pads . . . ?

Some aftermarket pads just don’t fit correctly, no matter what the guy at the store says

I’ve run into this with autozone pads, if that makes a difference


Pictures of the old and new pads with different springs. The new pads are aftermarket. They were sold as being compatible with the Mazda 3, was just surprised that the design was different when I took the old pads off. As long as the new design works and is safe, then I am good with installing them. Thanks for your comments.

From the drawings in the service manual the pad on the right is the factory design, the pad on the left is aftermarket.

When you install the brake pad, slide the pad across the caliper piston so the square clips go around the piston and clip into the grove in the piston.

These are two different types of anti-rattle clips, without them the pads would rattle when driving on bumpy roads.

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This is very helpful…thank you for the info and advice.