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2004 Lincoln Town Car squeak in gas pedal

When the car is in drive, just about every time I press on the gas pedal, I hear a squeak, supposedly from the gas pedal. I think the only place this could squeak is the pivot of the gas pedal. I have tried numerous time to lubricate this pivot but no success. The last step would be to purchase the replacement part (gas pedal assembly) and install. Any suggestions.

Sound sources can be difficult to isolate. Since you are willing to replace the entire ass’y, one idea, remove the existing ass’y and bench test it to see if that’s what squeaking. If it is , you can probably figure out where the lube needs to go with the better lighting and access you have on the bench. Likewise you might determine that’s not the part squeaking. In either case you’d probably save the cost of a replacement gas pedal ass’y.