Squeaky Civic

I have a 2005 Honda Civic and it has a pronounced squeakiness. I have had my steering, suspension repaired and nothing has seemed to help. It’s really annoying and frustrating, especially because mechanics have “fixed it”, but the noise always seems to continue. Anyone have this same issue, or know what might be wrong??

We need more info on this Squeak. Is it when you stop, or when you rev the engine, or when you steer. Also what have they changed so far.

Generally, reading the paragraph above, makes me think you need a new mechanic.

Exactly what have you done so far?
Assuming the squeaks are when driving down the road as opposed to from the engine (?), the most common sources of squeaks are the rubbery bits.

Sway bar bushings that hold the bar to the unibody,
sway bar end links,
spring seat bushings
strut top mounts
struts themselves
perhaps even exhaust hangers.

A good inspection for rot is in order too. A rotted strut tower can cause all sorts of havoc.

How many of these possibilities have you addressed?

Brakes, belts and accessories could cause squeaks.

“Exactly what have you done so far?”

When the OP says that he/she has “had the suspension and steering repaired”…What was actually repaired?

OP, this squeak might not be a problem with the car, but with something in the car. Remove everything from the car you can, everything under the seat, everything in the trunk, including the spare tire and jack, and see if the squeak goes away.

Is the squeaking present while the car is stationary (just throwing that in…), only while moving, worse while turning, worse on rough roads, any difference when the brakes are applied, etc?

Try pushing repeatedly down on each front fender and note if you hear any squeaking noises.

This kind of minutae may, or may not, provide a guess from reasonably close to outlandish… :smiley: