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2004 Lincoln Town Car fuel pump

I have two Lincoln Town Cars (03 and 04) both with 80,000 miles. The fuel pump quit on the 03 just after filling the tank. Fortunately it was in my garage 3 miles from my mechanic. Almost everything I read on the internet indicates this seems to happen when the tank if full. I would not want this to happen on the 04 when I’m on the road between Gas, KS and Beyond Hope, ID (south of Hope, ID). I’m thinking about replacing it now as preventive maintenance. Two questions: Is there any substance to the full tank-fuel pump fails theory and should I replace it now?

To my knowledge NO, what will ruin a pump is running it empty.
Not unusual to replace a pump on a 13 year old vehicle.
As far as replacing the pump in the 04, hard to say, it may give you many more years of service or may fail the next time you start the car.
BTW,always wanted that generation of Towncar but hard to find any with low miles like yours.

Murphy’s Law applies to fuel pumps just like anything else. It is a bigger pain to replace a pump in a full tank of fuel so that is when they fail.

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