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2003 Lincoln Towncar with 2 bad fuel pumps in 11 months

My father has a 2003 Lincoln Town car in excellent shape. He has replaced the fuel pump twice in the last 11 months, and now it is not working and needs another new one. The mechanic says he has never heard of 2 fuel pumps going bad before. He checked the fuse in the interior fuse box and that is ok. Does anyone have any suggestions please? Thank you!

Assuming the pump is actually bad and this is not an intermittent issue causing loss of power to the pump a partially clogged fuel filter should be considered.

Clogged filters will take out a pump and filters should ALWAYS be replaced when the pump is changed.


Next time try an oem pump from a Lincoln/Ford dealer. Another common cause besides the fuel filter idea (above) is the fuel pump is being powered by too low of voltage. This can cause it still spin, but to draw too much current and the windings burn out more quickly. Cause is usually a bad connection, bad ground, or faulty fuel pump relay.