Fuel pumps

Does anyone know what might be the problem with my 2002 Avalanche, I’ve had to replace the fuel pump 8 times! I bought the truck new. It’s a 3/4 ton with the 8.1 liter engine. GM told me that it’s just bad luck. $40,000.00 for the truck and it’s just my bad luck.

Then they told me that I need to keep the fuel tank at least half full or the pump will over heat and quit. The dealer never told me when I bought the truck about keeping the fuel tank 1/2 full and the owners manual doesn’t say anything about it either. Since I have a life time warranty pump they keep replacing it for free. But when it breaks down in the middle of Kansas City during rush hour and in a construction zone I don’t care if the parts and labor are free.

I now that GM had a falling out with Delphi , who makes the pumps, over the quality of their parts so why do they keep making them? I’m ready to contact my states Attorney General office and check into the “Lemon Laws”.

Can someone be of any help or heard of this before.


The next time the fuel pump fails and the tank is out, have them inspect the baffle box inside the tank that surrounds the fuel pump. This baffle keeps the fuel pump surrouned by fuel to help keep it cool as the fuel sloshes around while cornering, braking, and accelerating. If this baffle has broken loose from inside the tank, the fuel can slosh away from the fuel pump causing it to run hot for a moment. If the baffle has broken loose inside the tank, the tank needs replacing along with the fuel pump.


If the pump is full of fuel it will not overheat. If the pump is not full of fuel then the truck will not want to run. The tank does not have to be half full or even a quarter full.

Since there is no way on God’s green earth you’ve gotten 8 bad fuel pumps I have a few questions.

  1. Has the fuel filter been replaced?
  2. Are you absolutely, stone cold, dead certain the pumps have been replaced this many times or are you the victim of some
    extreme BS?

In regards to question 2 there is no way that G.M. is going to warranty that many pumps. They might get away with the 1st one or if the stars are aligned correctly, maybe even the second, but not 7 of them.
Maybe you should contact the regional office, and without giving details, inquire as to what kind of records are on file in this matter. If these pumps were REALLY replaced (I’m dubious at best) then every single one of them should be on the record. If not, then you’re being seriously yanked around…

(For what it’s worth all of my brothers in law own and use G.M. trucks personally and in their businesses and have not suffered any chronic fuel pump failures at all)

I would have the shop do a current draw check on the pump to see if that is within the proper limits. By removing the fuse to the pump and installing a current meter it its place it is easy to check. There may also be a connection problem to the pump and the pump isn’t running at the proper speed. This will casue excessive current draw.