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2004 Kia Sorento - door open signal chimes when door is closed

Have a 2004 Kia Sorento. The door open signal comes on whenever the drivers door is bumped when its shut. Not sure if the wiring is loose or there’s another problem. Was wondering if anyone else had had this issue or if anyone knew how to disconnect that wire

Disconnecting the wire will result in permanent door alarm. Adjusting the microswitch may help.

My 2008 Sorento has always had that same problem in the front passenger door, since it was new. It would happen frequently when making left turns. The service center staff at the dealership claims to not know what the problem is. I solved it by taping a dime over the spot where the little button (the switch) hits the door, thus pressing the button in further and solving the problem. This solution has worked perfectly. On rare occasion, the hatch also gives an alarm, but it happens so rarely I don’t worry about it. I just re-shut the hatch when it happens.

I wasn’t aware that the switch could be “adjusted.”