Disable door ajar beeper

My door ajar beeper does not shut off & I have repeated checked everything, cleaned latches off & checked hinges. I just need to know how to disable it before i shoot my car.

There should be a button in each door jamb. Open one door at a time push the button with your thumb. Does the beeper stop?

OTOH, if Kia uses the same setup as Ford, the switches will be buried in the door latch area. If thats the case spray the latches with WD-40.

Yes, it’s not in the latch or the hinge. For each door there is a button somewhere on the frame that is compressed by the closed door. The microswitch in one of these buttons is probably bad. You may be able to stop the door chime by pulling a fuse, but you may also disable other accessories. Check your owner’s manual.

Who needs to know if a door is ajar anyway? the people who design this stuff have no clue as to what is important. You fall out,you get a bump,then you get up,right?

On cars I’ve owned, the “button switch” works backwards from what you might expect. It’s normally closed and is pushed open when the door closes. It provides a ground for the door beeper and interior lights. Disconnecting the wire(s) to it turns the beeper and light off permanently rather than leaving them permanently on as one might expect. Again, on the cars I’ve owned, the button switch has been held in by a single screw.

You can possibly get a replacement for a few bucks at a junk yard.

The other thing that can go wrong on a elderly car is that things can get so worn that the door no longer closes tight enough to activate the switch. A few layers of duct tape on the door opposite the switch will “thicken” the door enough to make the switch work.