False Warning Bell Unlocks doors

When I make a sharp right turn, the warning bell sounds! If the doors are locked at the time-they unlock!! Help!!

2005 model. 65000 miles

are all the doors shut and latched properly?


What make and model?

Read the tags.

Kia Spectra5.

Guido, which warning bell is sounding when you turn right?

Is it the “open door” warning bell?

Is there anything that might be preventing any of the doors from closing properly?

The "door open indicater on the dashbord is NOT comming on. Last night I noticed that the dome light came on!! This on is going to be weird, I think!!

Sounds like a bad door switch that thinks the door is open when the body flexes…try disconnecting one at a time to isolate the bad switch

A lot of newer vehicles will turn on interior lights, unlock doors, etc. if the BCM thinks the car has been in an accident. I wonder if this is what is happening here…

Makes me wonder how sharp – and how fast - that “sharp right turn” is.