2004 Kia Optima ac compressor replacement

2004 Kia Optima has the AC compressor locked up. What else needs replaced on this car to properly do the job? I can pull a vacuum, and add refrigerant, but is there a dryer that needs replaced? What needs flushed?

If the compressor failed internally the filter/drier and expansion valve require replacement.

The condenser, evaporator, and the hose assembly needs to be flushed out.


That’s what I thought. What should I use to flush the system?

You should also install an inline filter to capture any debris that may be in the suction hose. If you don’t, it might destroy the new compressor

AC condensers are not supposed to be flushed. They are supposed to be replaced

Those of us in the AC repair industy be it mobile or stationary call this “Black Death”.

Ask parts stores if they sell a refrigerant flushing agent. But you need enough of the cleaning agent along with enough compressed air.


It looks like the ac condenser is another $75, but that is ok. Do I need the inline filter to protect the compressor from debris coming from the evaporator? Why is it ok to flush the evaporator, and not the condenser?


You DEFINITELY need the inline filter, so that the compressor can’t suck in any debris

The condenser passages are too small to flush effectively